Monday, March 5, 2012

Just in time

Whoops. I did say I'd be back to share a few more completed projects didn't I? Honestly this whole family caper is a serious impediment to my ability to blog. And maybe the amount of time I spend mooching about twitter, instagram and pinterest probably doesn't help ....

Anyway this epic knit was finished in January (or was it February?) some time and boy, was it a mammoth effort.

Striped cotton cowl

I was sure the Striped Cotton Cowl was going to be a quick and easy knit but as per usual I seemed to have bit off more than I could chew with this. For a start all the teeny skeins of sashiko thread needed to be wound into little balls and the changing of threads every few rows certainly did slow me down. Also I had no real idea of how long the scarf would be before the joining part since the pattern talks about "ridges" instead of rows. Now admittedly I am short (5'3"), but this wound up being way taller than me and in the end I omitted the last 12 or so rows.

Having said all that (whinge whinge!), the yarn was such an absolute delight to knit with. The Blue Sky Alpaca cotton felt like cushiony cotton wool balls and every now and then I just felt the need to squidge the knitted portion into a big ball and snuggle in to it. Which you'd have to say bodes well for an excellent comfy, warm, snuggly cowl for the coming cooler temperatures.

Just in time.

(Ravelry details here)


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