Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grey days

It's been rare to see sun around our neck of the woods for some time now. Having experienced a few years of drought in Sydney it is a pretty spectacular thing to finally see images of our dam overflowing. Still it's amazing how endless days of grey skies can really impact on everyone's mood ... and laundry baskets!

So as if there wasn't already enough grey around I decided I needed a whole king-sized bed quilt full of it

Grey days

My pretty simple "Grey Days" quilt is made up of (lord knows how many), 5" squares sewn up into 9 square patches then they were all sewn together. This one had been in the pipeline for some time and only got worked on when I grabbed little snatches of sewing time here and there.

I keep fighting the feeling that I should've/could've done something much more intricate and complicated for this quilt but with a collection of such amazing fabrics, I felt that simple big-ish squares was the best way to showcase them.

Grey days

The fabrics I used included Aussie designers Aunty Cookie, Maze & Vale and some fabric printed as part of the Grey-ness swap by Suzy of Floating World Views. Also in there was some Echo by Lotta Jansdotter, old favourite honeycomb kei dots and a seasonal Liberty print I bought when I was in London a few years back.

Now I'm just waiting on a whole lotta backing fabric and this guy will be off to be long-arm quilted.

Oh and did I mention it's for MY bed? Finally a quilt for MY bed!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 months

Why is it do you think that the first ten months of the eldest child's life seem like an eternity but by the last child the same amount of time feels like five minutes?

Leo - 10 months

It seems this guy didn't get the memo about remaining a baby forever.* Which is probably ok since he does seem to have quite the knack for getting cuter every day.

*Incidentally he also missed the one about being able to nod off to sleep where ever he may find himself. Hence we are still held captive to his preference for his bed. Don't blame him really.


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