Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 months

Why is it do you think that the first ten months of the eldest child's life seem like an eternity but by the last child the same amount of time feels like five minutes?

Leo - 10 months

It seems this guy didn't get the memo about remaining a baby forever.* Which is probably ok since he does seem to have quite the knack for getting cuter every day.

*Incidentally he also missed the one about being able to nod off to sleep where ever he may find himself. Hence we are still held captive to his preference for his bed. Don't blame him really.


  1. How the holy heck did that happen? IT HAS BEEN FIVE MINUTES! Hasn't it? He is a complete cutie pie - and trés impressed with all that toothage...

  2. He's gorgeous, time sure does fly by..x

  3. Ten months? Already? Wow. But what a cutie. Those leetle toothypegs!

  4. oh it makes you a little sad, doesn't it... every one goes faster! but look at that face! so gorgeous. I tagged you over at mine for a little questionnaire if you feel like playing x

  5. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I say it to myself almost every day. First baby time really dragged, and second baby - I went from birth to eight months in about a week!

  6. I agree, why does time go so fast? Maybe to help us appreciate it? I have a friend who said it's something about the way our . . . hmmm, now I can't remember! Oh well, when I was little, the summer was endless, and not always in a good way. Now every day just seems to fly by.

    Thanks for the picture of such a cutie!


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