Thursday, February 14, 2013

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You may remember when the girl child started school I had a rush of motherly love and made her a little heart to take with her on her first day of school?

Well, fast forward two years later and the middle dude was prepping up to have his first day too (no really, where DID that time go?!). The pencils were labelled, the shirts were ironed (for the last time ever), and then suddenly I remembered the little heart and the distinct lack of one for Luca. Cue extreme mother guilt. If anyone was going to need some little link to home on his first day it was Luca, my intense little worrier.

A few fabrics were thrust in his face for approval and one baby nap time later we had this.


A little kiss. Or a plus sign depending on how you look at (or photograph) it. So full of wonk it's not funny but so very fun to make. I was inspired to make this shape by the tutorial on Nova's site here as Lucs wasn't too keen on having a heart shape. Fair enough.

Firmly planted in his pocket he was ready to go.


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  1. A positive sign. A perfect symbol to send with him out into his brave, new world.

  2. Damn lady - a 5k run, TWO blog posts in less than a week AND you can wip that up in a baby nap time. I bow to you x

  3. So gorgeous! The kiss and beautiful Lucs.

    OMG - 2 post in a are on FIRE!

  4. gorgeous little wonky kiss :) x

  5. That's the sweetest idea, look at your big school starter, wow time flies!
    Always so Good to see you back here..x

  6. Hey big sis...lookin' good. So um I just got in to Uni to do my Masters and I start soon. Can I have a thingy too? Something studious like brain perhaps x


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